Welcome to Gordon's Sauce Pit

We are a unique food truck restaurant located in Clarksville, Tennessee, serving up mouth-watering dishes that will leave you wanting more. Our passion for flavor and quality ingredients sets us apart from the rest.


Gourmet Sauces

Experience our gourmet sauces made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Perfect accompaniment to any dish.

Signature Sandwiches

Enjoy signature sandwiches piled high with premium meats, fresh veggies, and our homemade spreads.

Deluxe Burgers

Indulge in deluxe burgers made with 100% Angus beef and topped with a variety of unique and flavorful toppings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your most popular sauces?

Our most popular sauces include our Summer breeze, fire starter, hellboy, honey flames, bbq honey butter, lemon butter breeze, buffalo ranch, jack sauce and panama jack sauce. 

Do you offer vegetarian options?

Yes, we have delicious vegetarian options including our veggie wrap and portobello mushroom sandwich.

Where can I find your food truck?

You can find our food truck at various locations around Clarksville. Follow us on social media for our current schedule.

“I couldn't believe how delicious the food was! The flavors were amazing and the service was top-notch. I will definitely be a repeat customer.”

— Sarah M.

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Clarksville, Tennessee, United States

About us

At Gordon's Sauce Pit, we are dedicated to providing our customers with an unforgettable dining experience. Our commitment to using the freshest ingredients and creating unique flavor combinations is what sets us apart. We take pride in offering gourmet sauces, signature sandwiches, and deluxe burgers that leave a lasting impression.